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Related article: Date: Monday, November 16, 2009 23 07th 00 0000 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: Encounrters short chapter 43 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imation page and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, Naked Lolita but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file format so that if theting or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and Naked Lolita for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Now keep in mind, the boys (and girls) I'm a little late in the publication that is time due to the fact that the house is a major renovation, but I'll try to keep on schedule, so keep checking back ************************* ********** *************** ************************* ********** ********** Chapter 43 - surprise visit Inspired by the erection, as if both were never again Tom and Alex remember much about the exciting events of the past fewMinutes, when they went to Simon's house. Events had raised something that Tom had thought it was something I wanted to know what he, and try to put in the conversation, but still relevance and before the House Martin. " WOT would suggest the tail of the art? " Alex asked him to break the silence. "Thick " " Well, you know what is for me not? " Tom smiled: " And when I is that you never feel its so hard as you think it is, not? " Alex nodded," yer, yer own strange " I sorta. " always seems to do harder to do, right? " " So that his was just a big as ours ? Y.. oh shit! "a way to avoid Tom is a bump in the road " and that everything was kind of hot and sticky, difficult to \\ \\ n rub ! Where d ' you think our will is so great? " " soon I hope ! Hey, soon, "says Alex Tom stared and smiled, then released, which turned and around your mind, "I would from you all soon.. straw me soon. " Tom blinked, I knew the smile. "ButWe have the morning! " " But I really want to play with you... However, no interruptions! " Awakened All Tom butterflies again. " And I want to... That knows... Do you think you could? "N " I love you. "Alex smiled. Tom was putty in your hands. " I can be, can.. Turn ! " nodded Tom, he could do now. " Now we do with our fingers we fon't.. " " Maybe we could be in any other house in the holidays? "Interrupted Tom excitedly," I heard that the other children have. " " Cor, expect things sexy? "Alex was fascinated. " I'm still me hard, so everything is ready ! " " And to me, " smiled Tom," Things Sexy! I hope so, but just do not get to hand! " He smiled Alex, the butterflies began to flutter Toms eye contact again, s had to change the subject, it was too intense. " Hey, you know, with art they have, even that.. you have a bit of a shock before? " " WOT? "Alex thought," Oh, you mean.. oh shit,if I did. " " Mmm yer. "Tom still could not look at him :" So, so.. WOT it was a... You put your finger in the ass and yer.. " blush, Alex said that he " had now, is a dirty tramp, and I sat that the fingers ! " " This is WOT I thought if I jumped back as. "Said Tom, in front of s. " Yuk ! " " Now is not it? " Alex replied, still looking embarrassed, but now smile: " I know, as a vagrant, I give you. But clean home! " " But that's WOT I meant. "Tom has been to think clearly about this for some time. " Look, there's everything there meself, or know of yourself and when.. " Tom blushed, " even if they are so clean that it is important not to? " " WOT, which means it is our own shit! " Alex said laughing. " Communion is because we have not tell me no secrets WOT are trying to say you can not laugh. "Saw about Tom, it was just the two of them n their bikes. Even left always a little embarrassed themselves. It is a sensitive issue and something had thought during thepast sexual adventures.. "Look WOT I mean is, not how to tell if someone is clean in the ass, how could I wishes to you and to do so... Well, maybe you have a dirty ass " I s thought for a moment, " I mean, could Naked Lolita you tell me before I put my finger up? "n " I spose if I remembered, I dunno, I never thought it him. " This time Alex is now thinking, a sensitive issue indeed. "Behold, I mean... I spose if it did, is like me so excited that I just did and not think about it. You see " " Yer, with art ? " " right. " " I ' spose WOT I'm trying to say is that just luck? WoT on Simon, who likes lazy and put the finger at someone who does not? "Tom laughed at the idea of ​​it. " For the first time I've had shit finger? " Alex blushed again," Yer, I think so. " " Well, "Tom before the 64 th of $ 000 million question, " if may find you have a dirty ass every time I have done... Well, since n still do ? "It was Alex very Quiet, as opposed to what he had said to action in the emotion of the moment, I knew very well that the thought had crossed the opinion of his s, not before, but wanted to address it. "Alex, I'm sorry, I did not...... that" you are not sure expected Naked Lolita and Tom looked at the road as they drove slowly. Alex coughed and looked at him. " Let me tell you. Let's stop a minute. " Tom asked me what to draw next and into the sidewalk, stood the bike turned to Alex. " You know, like tramps, and I love the feeling I have your finger up. " Tom nodded and smiled, " And I love when you do! " \\ \\ n " I'm afraid that happens... you know.. and now it is done. " Alex clearly embarrassed. " But ask the feeling that I can get to it, and the feelings there, I can not stop. I know to meself all the time Night Tom if he I must ask everyone, this was from the heart. Alex has really developed a vague thing, it was not something he has from time tHenne. " It makes no difference to me. " Smile Alex, "Not to me. A dirty bum, I'm not going to stop. Wash right?" Nodded head Tom, the butterflies were really him, but now knew what n to the calm would last. He looked over his shoulder, took touched the bulge in the front of shorts Alex. "When will this until almost put yer finger ? " Meanwhile, Alex had a lump in the throat and without looking at the problem holding the contact visual and lifted the tent in Tom 's pants, his voice hoarse replied. "In the slumber party. I thought you'd never ask ! But only if.. " " Only WOT? " Tom asked nervously. "If you had yer bum wash them first!" In the morning, Ms. Sykes had returned from work, had a snack lunch with Martin and then off to his mother for an hour or more to see gone. more things in the mind of the press, Martin had bowed his visit with a pretext s to go to borrow a textbook. Naked Lolita Instead, there was very comfortable Alignest on a lounger in the garden and expected to be able to listen, When he returned home. Still the same shorts I was his age hand through the hole in the pocket and looked for him to do anything very bold. Inspired by the sperm, previously the lining cotton was almost dry, the material feels a little stronger, his bold plan was fairly simple, it was to be there in the garden, and masturbating in the bag. I wanted to experience the sense of with muddy pants and once again will put the rest of day before a final in bed and sleep in them, of course. with a solid, feeling something sticky in the foreskin accompanied by all and some short slow movements and everything was going to to plan delicious. That was until I heard the doorbell second time reluctantly withdrew his hand, wiped his fingers on his legs shorts, not knowing what to do. The insistent long ring the bell a third of finally out of the chair and striped shirt down over the front of the pants in an attempt to disguise the bulge was n open the door. Tom and Alex were on the verge of retirement, when he heard the steps coming down the hall and waited and waited, it would be, and the mother of Martin, s. "WOT you doing here? " smiled surprised to see that there was a single day and he was very satisfied with. Tom's heart stirred, looked down approach attached to hidden by the apparent cluster shirt. " Now we come to you. " Alex said the obvious, "Tom has an n to plan. " " Oh, good! So you're not me?" said Martin hopes to attract a in the form and the back garden. " YER and do well. " Tom had found his voice and was eager to see Martin moving back of his pants when he stood before the outlines of the his underwear easy to identify. "Look.. tomorrow afternoon we will meet them all. " SaidAlex moved. " Yes," Martin nodded and then realized what they were wearing, "Hey, why do You have the white pants on ? " " Umm.. " said Alex, "' because everyone is going to ' em and you should use n. " " WOT? n Why? " smiled, it sounded fun, sliding his hand in his pocket and again n through the hole he hopes that his actions are still covered by T -shirt. That's when Alex realized films. "Damn, I can see yer pants! WOT, which are bright blue, like mine ! " ", I thought so. " Alex smiled, "Can you see WOT Tom is so good? " of rotation, Martin looked, nodded, took the sun very visible bulge in" I suppose they are white. But wait, provides shorts yer all wet or something. What have you done? " Tom Alex blushed and answered for him :" he has done in his pants four times so far, so is the milk on the deck and ran from one side as if it "breathes Martin slowly and deeply. very difficult to say how it was Naked Lolita that that was exactlythe determination to do what he said not knowing if he would be one of the drivers thing to another and the mother of his s is guaranteed to be returned in the middle! It was a fantastic opportunity, but he had to stand and wait until the following afternoon before they are able to get their hands on the child and hopes to get his shorts ! " And I did it three times as good!" Alex said proudly. " Wot! Today ! Together.. you dirty? " " More or less. " Alex blushed, " Yer did twice! " " is at least yer then? "asked Tom to look quickly and scratches on the front of his pants. " No, outside. However, they will return soon, sorta half-hour, 20 minutes, or something n. " " This is good, then we have some time. "said Alex. " For? " Martin could not stop Tom looked short. " Martin... " Tom asked softly, " And you do not get front " " Yer, why ? " " I here, when I go home mom and I found this in the dirty clothes are now n all splashed with sperm, she goes to hellin "mental" n "I do not blame her ! " Martin chuckled. " What mother would not you? " "right... I wonder how ' as they were a kind of the same size, if he could borrow yer old pair to use at home ?" Saw Tom n expected of him ", can be em ' back!" " Silly sod,` of course you can borrow something, but.. " " but? " Tom looked worried. Peros are dangerous words " But I want to change you see in them! You can leave dirty here and I will sneak 'em in the laundry for you. " " Cor, you're a true friend. " Tom Martin smiled Naked Lolita happily aware of the subject " I hope you never find out that I masturbate and a mess of me clothes. " ", even me. " added Alex begin question now, as he did, he out with him. " I think it's much worse if no brothers or ot sisters because my mother is interested in this, Find all smart and that. " ", not even trying! " Tom said, now feel much happier without the prospect of his mother who sees everythingThe eye. " Likewise. " Said Martin knows, the care taken to avoid any trace of semen, whether in clothing or bedding. " You have a couple of old, then? " Asked Tom. " Of course, we'll give you my room and sorted. Hailed Martin to children on the stairs and followed behind them deliberately. Alex opened the way was the light blue cotton wrapped tightly around the butt of his visible through thin pants No, but Tom is the n I had just before hitting Martin Hahn. a by the proximity of their location, the blue logo displayed on the neck of the writings of Tom read by Martin slim pants were dangerously close to cumming near the stairs. It was only through willpower exercise training, managed to contain all but a few more entry points precum on the already soaked in their underwear. "You have to sit up in bed, and I wot I see. " " right. " He turned to the wardrobe, He turned to see the boys make it easy orNo bed, and looks around, he pushed his erection hard against the chest rear like Tom. " ordered innit ? " Alex said look at the Airfix models everywhere on the sill of the window ", the bed, then? " Smiled Martin. "Well, it's the only one here innit! " Alex smiled and leaned back in his radical provocative blue this case clearly written by the shorts. Martin breathed deep. " D" to be found here at night and another down so we were thinking then? "Asked Tom nod and bounce on the edge of the mattress. " I could do! "Martin is red, " Would you like the surprise? " " Oh, shit ! " Tom was really flattered, and it showed. N" Oh, I was just kidding! " " I was not there! " " Hey, the squeaking bed! "Alex said with a laugh, adding :". I hope not, "" You hear yer mom masturbate, yer, when we then " Martin blushed even more. I wanted to learn about their sex life s life does not mean that s about his Tom then began to pull at the front of his shorts Cummy that homeING to keep Alex 's vision decoupled explosion his shorts Martin knew he was very close to coming. The truth is that I really was afraid that her mother would be the moment when he tried to back to start something with the kids and I knew I was going to start once s not stop them. " Look," she said hesitantly look tempting short Tom: "I know I happy.. but my mom back home, and when we do not want to stop " n desperately not to be able to leverage very disappointed situation, was able to find the prospect so close to is very exciting. Especially since been reduced to choosing of its original plan of Cumming in the pants without them n knowledge " I suspected there was something !" Said Tom, "' is the cause or to We are our short like a rat in a drain, I mean look at the bulge in yer shorts! " " Oh, shit ! " Martin saw, it was obvious that nowhich compared a rat feel they seemed to understand their situation. But why was so shameful thought that this stage of their relationship with the two boys past. Tom smiled and seemed to understand, while Alex is always quickly consumed by sex and seemed relieved, if not thrilled with n a minute and looked in the mood to do or admit absolutely " Hey, Mart said he thought of us... well, I think that y... Tom and me. I have my fingers and buttocks.. " what Concerned, Tom came to ask on earth was going to say next " and. and I think Tom fingers Willy! " " you do not have... right? " Tom surprised that Alex had approved all before, especially Martin. "I do ! " Went to see Tom in the middle of the face. "Oh God," said Tom to himself and prayed that the butterflies that now could only reassure totally rejuvenated again. "Anyway," continued Alex excited, even Tom, " we also have Martin hereND said that, if we think masturbates all night! " " Na.. umm.. Not every night ! " Muttered Martin tries to hide his blushes. It was the truth, because some nights would be caught by Art and Nigel again, until he came ! blush or not, Martin absolutely want the fact that he hid is about to end and he knew that the boys would like to join him. the danger of the mother of his s, to appear at any moment would be unthinkable did, while Alex and Tom in the other are elusive. Under the guise of something drop n bent and squeezed her legs together and painful as it was, he pinched the end of his throbbing cock to stop any thing that comes out! was a few seconds, gradually seemed to. worked Tom was in an awkward position. Alex was undoubtedly his soul mate, but n \\ \\ also knew that her feelings for Martin. n to meet them, both within the limits of Martin bedroom, where the atmosphere was charged with pr ospect mutual masturbation he got very confusing, if not awakened. he Martin, very red in the face and hope that no notice strange behavior of his s, was in the knowledge that while he did not feel experienced a full orgasm blowing, something that happened in your pants. Tom intends to seek to guess the size of reports he had to choose, it would certainly be sewn into this in the knowledge that they are safe n a little Naked Lolita small and Tom! Move around the bottom of the bed and he believes them to Tom, that the wet spot in pants rapid growth in the bracket is hidden n in the bottom of the bed. " Try this, might be a bit small. That 's all right? " " Oh ta. " Smiling with relief Tom took it and looked at Martin, the n was now full of hope he hoped to attract. " You put 'em on then? " smiling, pushed the front of his shorts hard against the n stirrup. The khaki material was tooor show the dark spot soon as is rapidly absorbed sperm before ejaculation only its partial minute. Tom looked at him without understanding what was with butterflies everywhere, his confused emotions is as close to the two children n suddenly very shy. N "We are going up. I will help. " Alex said with enthusiasm and pushed him to after what he had no choice but to get out of bed. Alex Martin looked forward to his hands slowly around thin Tom waist and rather abruptly began to pull the shorts in the obvious tent in the front. The sight of her underwear, now transparent, Thanks to abundant type of deposit have been stretched over the head purple erection Tom almost sent him over the edge. His gaze was fixed on the fine cotton baby rib viscose, traditional packaging back, the letters are faded And up front and matching blue lines around the waist. the number of erections had struggled against the writings, how many times had Tom semen in thatWho else had knocked him down, and when his hand was going to be ? Once again, your erection stuck in the stirrup he thought it might be was n Tom 's ass, because I knew if it was only his mother to keep all the in the afternoon as is likely to run around the bed with his young friends s. So, he just lost the moment, however difficult that n was. " None. Four idiots and still do not go there !" Alex smiled as he moved the leaf of the plant to Tom s looking very sore dick free until spring and celebrate with pride in the air. Tom said nothing, but I saw to see it just looking at Martin, almost blushing, quickly decomposes contact with eyes and began wet underwear before Naked Lolita collection of the pair of the bed Martin had given him. "Please... Tom, throw them over... umm.. I take ` em and hide 'em for ". Martin hoped, will not be easy, in fact, took Alex them n with two fingers and started over. " Yuk ! Reputation may be, can not maintain'Em Mart! "Alex turned to look again Tom, that fought narrow waist smaller writings have of his rampant penis," Cor, look a little closer you get 'em ? " " yer.. I bloody hope not, have no choice.. "Said the struggling Tom " are all the same size as my old, we see that is why I bought mom n again, "said Martin, who was to be taken from the eyes of Tom "I should have begun to grow again. " When Alex to keep watching, Tom 's performance closely, hidden behind the Martin Tom stapes pushes cold, clammy shirt pant n a mass in his own pants. this was the point of no return. possession of wet underpants and began, he says, drain the mixture of art and Toms semen of white cotton, to join his own sperm, now to filter through the front of khaki shorts. pull up with Alex laughing and Tom promoting small leaf does not realize muffled groan when Martin met rubbed against the foot of the bed pushing its tail around its own viscous written. Keep moist Tom ejaculation process began writing again and that was only a matter seconds before that floods the interior of the pants with a huge load of sperm. " No," said Tom, who seemed to attract a lot of effort a applications, addressed slips effort to Martin, who was showing is now based in the foothills in search a little hot and bothered. " Are you okay? " Said Alex look at Martin. "Where am shorts," said Tom, without much notice of sweating when he saw Martin on the floor. Attracted by his cock still hard, came to the conclusion that , but not down and that was a good idea, really could not do five orgasms. The four had been enough for him, especially as it expands through the lasting emotional n , so close to Alex and Martin. " Yer,` Of course I do. " Martin sounds a little breathless. SomethIng had begun to leak inside her bare leg, did not dare to seek all that Tom loved his state of emotional charge would be an alarm to error. find n Tom to his Naked Lolita shorts and then leave. Martin put the usually from the back of the card through it and cross with N he hopes to return to her mother was not really able to get in your hands, or even to up. " Hey," Alex said, " we are not told why we a. " "No!" Not that Martin really something to see what had happened. " Oh, bloody hell, I almost forgot how good! " Laughed Tom. Now moved feel much safer. "Look... I have a plan, which will be one of us is sorta stripped and play with.. you know. " Insider harden Martin Hahn, who had just begin again to soften, at least n sounded as if he was going to get their hands on the fine, white short. " No, I do not know WOT you mean !" He smiled: " But who cares.. what is s going to be? " N "The"S secret. " Alex said, " I will not say how he would decide, , which may be any of us. " " WOT? " Martin was fascinated. "How? " " No, I do not say," Tom winked, "when you realize that you have to is about in the woods by the reservoir two and a half tomorrow in the afternoon. " with involuntary movements, tremors in his shorts, a greater decrease in the sperm escaped running down the leg of Martin. " Y", said Alex cheerfully greeted with a finger, " you have, you also must use yer pants with white shorts underneath. " Martin of the mouth open, just what I thought Tom? "Who else is going to to be there ? " " Now we are given and then ummm.. Dave, Joe, Jimmy, Brian and stuff. " Tom smiled, "Everyone in white shorts and one of us is to get more fingers the ass like never before! " " If someone ! " Alex said laughing to herself. " Oh shit! " Martin pushed hard in the stirrup of further increase in the wet spot absorbing more and more like your underwear wet underwear. " Martin? " " Oh shit it is IMom! "Martin was in the voice recognition petrified. " Well it's all wrong innit ? " Alex said quietly: " We are all dressed, and that n is not it? " " Yeah, sorry I forgot. "Martin was visibly relaxed. " Martin you're up there ? " " Yer Mom. " He yelled up the stairs very nervous to Tom and Alex go down saying :" We are out. " Of course, the unintended pun Alex and Tom had to laugh. Martin blushed knowing that literally had, of course then with the knowledge that your were short for panic, panic in the system ################################ ############## # # # # ####### chapter 44 to follow
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